The project

What we do

Our project aims to establish a professional working team with experienced experts and young talents to fully implement the project goals and to share and spread specific knowledge on habitat optimisation for grassland breeding birds. The LIFE IP has personnel capacities and resources for starting initial measures and for developing and implementing concepts (see business model and Strategic Conservation Plan).

However, to achieve the project objectives (improve the conservation status of grassland breeding birds), much more comprehensive capacities need to be built. We need to create a sustainable network of like-minded responsible site managers, among other things. At the political level, the importance and impact of sustainable species conservation must be recognised and supported with appropriate regulations. On the technical level, the exchange with experiences from other regions is of great importance, so we can share existing knowledge and recent experiences in dealing with new challenges.

In this project, we put a strong emphasis on networking and expert visits to European and African areas to serve these purposes.