Meadow birds



Meadow birds characterise the lowlands of Fryslân (the Netherlands) and Lower Saxony (Germany) like hardly any other group of birds. They live in mostly open grasslands, and are famous for their flight displays and distinct calls. Because they are present in the vicinity of agricultural people, they are known and well liked by a large part of the rural population.

As a result of the intensification of agriculture, the living conditions for meadow birds deteriorated more and more, especially after 1960. This led to a population decline in many meadow bird species. Our project aims at improving the living conditions for meadow birds in the Atlantic biogeographical region of Europe again.

There are six threatened meadow bird species that are in the focus of this project. Measures for these species also benefit more than 40 other bird species associated with meadow habitats, inlcuding the Eurasian Oystercatcher and the Ruff. For more information on the focus species, click on their silhouettes in the blue box below.

Focus species