The project

About the project

  • Creation of 21,000 ha of optimal habitat for wet grassland breeding birds in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Sustainable capacity building in an international framework (Germany, Netherlands, Senegal)
  • Increase ERDF and EAFRD funding for wet grassland management from currently less than 10 million euros to 353 million euros, including 50 million euros for land purchase
  • Development of a Strategic Conservation Plan for the Atlantic region to sustainably restore meadow bird populations
  • Development of an agricultural business model for wet grassland bird habitats
  • Implementation of the Dutch and German PAFs (Prioritised Action Frameworks), the EU Birds Directive, the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and green infrastructure
  • Reduction of the density of mammalian predators and eradication of invasive alien species
  • In Senegal: Development and testing of rice cropping systems that are profitable for both birds and farmers