Project areas

Lower Saxony

Rewetting measures will compensate for the regular lack of rainfall during the breeding season. 17 wind-driven pumps are used to bring water into the landfill cells in the nature conservation areas. This prevents the breeding areas from drying out too quickly in spring and summer and improves their quality for the focus species.

In the tidal foreshore the structural diversity, especially in the expansive tidal reeds of the river Elbe, shall be enhanced by creating tidal ponds and reactivating old tidal inlets. As of 2019, 44 tidal ponds with different depths have been created. This measure does not only benefit the Corncrake, but also the Great Bittern. In total, 1,020 hectares of grassland have been rewetted (2019).

A detailed description of further measures implemented in the project area can be found in the "Integrated Management Plan Elbe Estuary":