Project partners

Bond Friese VogelWachten (BFVW)

The Bond Friese VogelWachten is a Dutch nature conservation organisation. It is committed to making the bird-rich province of Fryslân a permanent home or stopping place for all types of birds, with an emphasis on meadow birds.

The Federal Bureau of the BFVW is kept running by three paid employees and a completely voluntary Central Board, currently consisting of seven members. The field work is done by 3,500 active volunteers that put a lot of effort into protecting the birds, monitoring them and providing them with nesting and foraging facilities.

Based on the findings of the volunteers, the agricultural collectives can issue last-minute management on areas where chicks are still present and redistribute management among the farmers for the following season.

Within the LIFE project GrassBirdHabitats, BFVW is working on the following actions:

  • Training and recruiting of new volunteers
  • Monitoring of the meadow bird populations in Fryslân
  • Nest and chick protection in Fryslân
  • Raising awareness for meadow bird-friendly grassland farming in the Netherlands

BFVW team

Inge van der Zee

Project coordination, volunteer supervision

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René van Dam

Volunteer supervision, volunteer course management

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